Commercial Residential Pre Wire

We are your one stop shop for all your low voltage wiring needs. Pre-wire for your new construction home and business or re-wire for existing construction (where a home office or home theater needs to be established)

Residential pre-wiring a home is affordable during the construction phase while the walls are still open, you will be able to decide what and where you would like wired. Options include surround sound, television, telephone, cable, satellite TV, internet or security. Custom sound Installation can also help with set-up of home theaters, flat screen TV mounting, in-wall speaker installation and all your audio visual needs.

Commercial pre-wiring has all different options from having a corporate boardroom or conference room set-up for audio visual presentation and data networking to installing flat-screen TVs and surround sound in sports bars and restaurants. Video surveillance cameras will offer you a piece-of –mind when you’re on or off property.

Planning ahead during home construction and scheduling a pre-wire installation with Texas  Technology is the smart thing to do.

We will help you understand the needs of the modern home, ensuring that you help make the most of what may be the largest investment in your client’s life – their home. We’ll explain what is required for smart home features, home audio, security, cameras and more.

As you know, home owners generally pre-wire their home for the needs that they have. There is no right or wrong answer. The added benefit that you have from working with Texas Technology is that we don’t just do pre-wires, we do post-wires. Not only will we make sure everything is in place before the dry wall goes up, we will be there to add the different technology needed to utilize the wiring to it’s fullest.



Professionally installed security cameras by Texas Technology provide more than additional security for your home or business. They provide you visibility while away.

We have customers that utilize their cameras as a way to monitor baby sitters, housekeepers and to keep an eye on the dog – to make sure he doesn’t eat the cat.

Your clients will continue to find different ways to utilize their new set of eyes, providing them additional peace of mind and safety – and an overall greater satisfaction in their home.



Having your client’s home pre-wired to take advantage of full home audio is nothing short of… AWESOME. We will work with you to put together a home audio system that will work within your budget and can allow for future expand ability if your client so chooses.


You may be asking yourself, do we need to pre-wire for a home network? Everything is wireless these days, right? Well, yes and no. To ensure that your client’s computers and other home entertainment devices get the fastest connection, the best option is to have an actual cable connected to them.

This also allows you the flexibility to place your router or modem wherever makes the most sense.