In-Building Wireless for Airport

In-Building Wireless for Airport

Passengers and aircrew alike expect seamless high-capacity wireless services at airport terminals to stream video while waiting for departure or connect with friends and family upon arrival. Aircrew, staff and public safety personnel also rely on seamless public safety coverage to ensure and maintain a safe environment. It is vital for them to communicate with their two-way radios during mission critical situations.

The constant motion and the high density of traffic can be challenging.  Dali Wireless understands the unique set of circumstances that airports face. Dali’s high capacity solution provides a powerful network infrastructure that can accommodate today’s increasing number of advanced technologies and a high density of users, anywhere at any time.

With Dali’s advanced digital Distributed Antenna System (DAS), key features include:

  • Supports multi-operators and multi-technologies including 2G, 3G and 4G services over a single fiber
  • Supports public safety coverage (UHF, VHF, 700, 800 and 900 MHz) and supports P25 Phase I and II, and FirstNet/LTE
  • Supports cellular, public safety, Wi-Fi and IP devices including security cameras over a single integrated network for faster and easily managed installation
  • Additional mobile operators and/or base station resources can be added incrementally without changes to the distribution network
  • Additional coverage areas can be supported with daisy-chained remotes
  • Works with existing dark fiber, single-mode (SM) or multi-mode (MM) fiber, and CAT6/7 twisted pair cable
  • Supports long distance transport without additional boosters
  • Enables centralized headend resources



  • Providing passengers and aircrew with high speed connectivity
  • Enhanced communications and operational efficiency between aircrew and staff
  • Can accommodate airport expansions or remodeling on an incremental basis without service disruption
  • Maximizing investment and streamlining operations with unified in-building cellular and Wi-Fi solution
  • Supports public safety over an integrated system to enable first responders and public safety personnel to communicate with their two-way radios