Cynthia of Hollywood, FL

I had a problem that I couldn’t resolve by myself and this prompted me to look into tech support. James Evans  was so wonderful and good that I decided to get a year plan. I’ve used them a couple of times now and they’re great. They’re quick, polite and understandable. My recent experience with James was yesterday where I had two issues. I couldn’t get my Roku hooked to the internet then I went off through every step because I’m technical. I then narrowed the issue down to not getting a signal from my wifi. Then when I was going to get my TP length extender, I couldn’t get it going.
The Tech to Us technician backed up and in two minutes he was asking the wifi password. It turns out that we were using all caps for the wifi password when it was supposed to be all lowercase. In two minutes, everything was fixed including the TP line. I’m in love with their whole service, business model and way of treating people. Everything is perfect. They’re also not trying to con me, unlike the others who not just try to upsell me but also make one problem lead to two problems.

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